Downloadable documents

Climate-Friendly Cities: A Handbook on the Tasks and Possibilities for European Cities in Relation to Climate Change: a practice-oriented document that supports the adoption of an integrated approach to urban development by offering a summary of the available knowledge base on urban climate protection and urban planning in relation to climate change (in Hungarian only)

National Climate Change Strategy of Hungary: sets out the national strategic framework for climate change adaptation and mitigation and identifies key objectives and actions to be implemented in the period 2008 to 2025 (in Hungarian only)

Climate Change and Hungary: Mitigating the Hazard and Preparing for the Impacts (the VAHAVA Report), 2010: presents aspects of climate change and summarises the main findings of the joint research project "Global Climate Change, Hungarian Impacts and Responses" (in English)

Energy Strategy of Veszprém, 2010-2025: describes the future energy-related activities of Veszprém’s institutions and inhabitants, contributing to climate change mitigation, with a special focus on commitments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase the share of renewable energies in local energy consumption (in Hungarian only)

Long-Term Development Concept of the 13th District of Budapest up to 2033: a strategic document that defines the development trends and main strategic targets of the district for the next 20 years, including the implementation of green axis developments, the creation of a regional bicycle route and reductions in energy consumption (in Hungarian only)