First passive houses in Budapest's 13th district

Aug 15, 2013

The 13th district of Budapest has launched a pioneering project to construct passive housing. The investment is the first of its kind in the housing sector in the region, being totally funded by the district municipality. Construction work began on July 27, 2013, and will be completed by April 2014. According to the municipality, the finished flats will be made available for rent via an application system.

The required heating energy will be supplied via heat pumps, taking advantage of the temperature of the water deep below the ground. The controlled mechanical ventilation system works with a minimum 80 percent heat recovery efficiency.

Alongside this investment, the district municipality adopted a long-term development strategy in July 2013. One of the aims is to implement so-called green axis developments, which would enhance green spaces in the city and promote their important role in climate change adaptation in the urban environment. The strategy also includes the goals of developing a regional bicycle route along the Rákos creek, increasing the number of green roofs where possible, and reducing energy consumption in general.