Veszprém receives Climate Star 2012 award

Apr 26, 2012
The Climate Star, the European award for local climate protection initiatives, is awarded by the Climate Alliance to exceptional programmes that demonstrate good practices and achievements at local level. The award highlights the variety of local strategies that aim to protect the climate and provides a platform to motivate other municipalities.

Twenty cities, municipalities and regions from nine European countries were awarded the Climate Star 2012. This year, two municipalities from Hungary — Veszprém and Mórahalom — were among the recipients.

Veszprém received the award on April 26, 2012, for developments and local projects that have contributed to decelerating climate change. Among the city’s achievements are the Energy Strategy of Veszprém; a programme for the renovation of the cloisters and gardens at the foot of Veszprém castle; and the development of a bicycle route system.

One key element of Veszprém’s Energy Strategy is the commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent by 2025, and to increase the share of renewable energies in local energy consumption to 20 percent. The programme for the renovation of the cloisters and gardens at the foot of the castle included the development of a walking path linking the castle to the zoo, the landscaping of an area of 12 hectares, and the construction of three new playgrounds. By developing the bicycle route system, the goal was to contribute to more sustainable energy use by encouraging city residents to cycle to work. By 2012, the bicycle route system had reached a length of 8.6 km within the city.

Veszprém has also focused on renewing heating systems and improving insulation. Eight hundred residential units have been renovated, halving carbon dioxide emissions. In the long term, energy consumption will be optimised in 70 percent of the building stock. Further developments will include the introduction of roundabouts to replace junctions where traffic lights are currently in operation, the further introduction of electric buses in the public transportation system, and the development of related service stations.